The traditional box of chocolates or red roses may make your love’s heart flutter this Valentine’s Day however, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to choosing a gift that will create the most touching reaction.

Gifts for Men and Women Different

The types of gifts men and women want to receive are different, notes dating expert Dr. James Houran. He conducted a research study and found that men prefer gifts that represent respect, personal recognition or admiration from their partner. These are the types of gifts that only someone who knows him very well would select. Following Dr. Houran’s advice, you may want to consider the following gifts for the male love in your life:

  • Jewelry with personalized engravings, including bracelets or pendants
  • Any item related to a sport or pastime such as a major league soccer ball, football or stamp catalogue for the collector or philatelist
  • Mix some favorite music and copy to a USB or CD; this could be some older music that he enjoyed years ago, or that you enjoyed together
  • Track down a popular computer game
  • Buy a boxed set of movies featuring his favorite actor or actress

Choose Gifts That Tell Everyone You Are a Couple

According to Dr. Houran, women, prefer gifts that represent a public display of affection and ones that reinforces the couple’s identity. Think of gifts that demonstrate, in a high profile way, your attachment to the woman in your life. As a result, women may prefer the following gifts:

  • Flowers or a Valentine’s gift basket delivered to her workplace or another public place
  • New clothes or jewelry, both of which can be showcased to family and friends
  • Special photographs of you together, an image that will give her a story to tell about you to her friends and family

Keep Things Simple and Romantic

Romance expert Greg Godek, who has offered his romance advice on The Oprah Winfrey show, is also the author of 1001 Ways to be Romantic [Casablanca Press,1991]. His basic premise when giving advice about romance is to keep things meaningful and simple.

For example, he tells a story about Pete and Deb who were sharing stories from their childhoods. Peter said that he was poor and unpopular as a child and would always decorate a shoebox to hold his Valentine’s. His box was always empty. After telling Deb the story, she started decorating a shoebox every year and filling it with Valentine’s for Pete.

It is the simple and touching gestures that make Valentine’s Day special. Choose presents this year with care and that come from the heart as creative, romantic ideas to add flare to your expressions of love.


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