Whether by choice or circumstance, most people will spend at least one Valentine’s Day alone. While it may be tempting to feel a little resentful at being unattached, there are many activities that are fulfilling and lessen the emphasis of being single on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Pampering Oneself

One great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by booking a massage. Not only will this help combat muscle tension and stress, it is a great time to focus totally on oneself. Imagine an hour filled with nothing but relaxation and rejuvenation without having to worry about anyone else’s needs.

Restaurants are bound to be packed on Valentine’s Day with couples dining out and engaging in unappetizing displays of public affection, so plan on ordering take-out and inviting a like-minded single friend or relative over to share dinner. Go one step further and choose a non-romantic movie to enjoy.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Pampering Others

Finding a baby-sitter on Valentine’s Day can be a nightmare, so volunteer to watch the children of friends or relatives so they can go out and celebrate with their partners. A few hours of child wrangling and all thoughts of romance, cupid and candy hearts will be banished, at least temporarily.

Help elderly neighbors or relatives with chores around their house or cook them dinner. Not only will this come as an unexpected surprise, it will be much appreciated. Making someone’s Valentine’s Day can be as simple as taking out the trash or getting a box down from the attic.

Another great idea is to make a homemade Valentine’s Day card, complete with glitter, for someone who might not otherwise receive one. Watching someone’s face light up can cause warm and fuzzy feelings all around and remind people that romantic relationships are only one facet of the interactions that make life worth living.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Giving Back

Volunteer at the local homeless or domestic rescue center to serve dinner or help with any other tasks that need to be performed. Spending even one night with those less fortunate can change one’s outlook on life and perceptions of what is really important.

Organize a fund-raising drive in February for a favorite human or animal charity. Preparing for the event will take up so much focus that Valentine’s Day will cease to be anything more than a date on the calendar.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a blessing and allow one to seek out non-traditional ways of celebrating that benefit oneself, neighborhood and social network.


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