These creative ideas will impress your date, not compress your wallet. Whether you are going on a first date or you and your significant other are trying to spend time together on a budget, there are several activities you can do in your local area. The key is to look at the resources around you.

Outdoor Dates for Nice Weather



Spend an afternoon at a mini-golf course or go-kart race track if you live in nice weather. Mini-golf provides a little exercise with fun environment. It combines flirtatious competition with an easy sport. If you are a good golfer, try going to the driving range when the rates are cheaper in the later afternoon. Go-kart tracks are usually combined with a video arcade and restaurants, so you can make a night of it at a discount. Make a bet between the two of you over who wins, and winner buys the drinks or snacks.

Or you could take it even further and go watch an actual sporting competition. Go to a spring training game for your local sports teams, whether it is hockey, football, or baseball. These are a lot less expensive than regular season games, and also have reduced price drinks and food for the same experience as a sporting event.


Bring your date to a drive-in movie. These offer the benefit of reduced movie theater prices, enjoying nice weather in the evening under the stars, and bringing your own food and drinks to the movie- triple savings! Set up lawn chairs next to the car and bring a picnic, complete with a full meal and wine or sparkling cider. Don’t forget the beverage glasses and blankets.

Pack a picnic and have a lunch or dinner anywhere, for that matter. Go on a light hike and set up a picnic in a pretty area with a view, in a local park by a pond or botanical gardens, or the beach if you are lucky enough to live by one. It’s also in areas like these- beaches and parks- where you can organize a group date for more outdoor activities such as volleyball (on a court or in a pool) and kickball.

Indoor Dates to Escape the Weather



Go to a cafe for a cup of coffee or tea, and relax on the couches. You can spend an hour or two here just talking and getting to know each other for under ten dollars.

If you are a college student, your school campus offers more resources than you may know. Look at college calendars and the events going on at the venues on campus. As a student, you can get reduced rates at movies, comedy shows, musicals, concerts, operas or sporting events.

Scour the local hotels that have high prices in season for their greatly reduced prices out of season. You can plan a little one to two night getaway at a hotel that would usually be double the price. Lounge in bed and by the pool all day for the ultimate relaxation.

Escape the heat and retreat to a laser tag or paintball facility for some competition and something new. Most likely, the girl you’re taking on a date has not done activities such as these. Or go to a bowling alley, ice skating, or pool hall during happy hour.

Fun Dates to Explore the City Together

Check out your local tourism office. Usually these Web sites are targeted to tourists and list activities, places or events that you would never know about, such as a restaurant weeks, certain hiking areas, or museums.

Spend an afternoon at an art gallery, museum or brewery. Entry fees to these establishments are usually less than $15, and hours can be spent there, learning culture and seeing what interests one another.

Go to Happy Hour at restaurants to take advantage of discount prices on drinks and food. The time range for happy hour is around 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Drinks and food may be half off the price, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much while impressing your date at the same time.

Spend twenty minutes writing out a list of what you both want to do over the course of your life, including your ultimate travel destination, musicians you want to see, career goals to hit, etc. Compare your lists and learn more about each other within an hour than you will within several dates.

Do an activity that corresponds to an upcoming holiday. If it is October, go to a pumpkin patch, pick out pumpkins and carve them together. If it is close to Easter, go to a botanical garden that is blooming for Spring and take a walk. Or if it is the middle of summer closer to the 4th of July, plan a BBQ picnic with red white and blue Bomber popsicles.

These are just a handful of fun, creative dates that you can do together, no matter what the weather or season is in your region. Dates that involve picnics, taking advantage of discount times at museums or restaurants, and light physical competition are always a great way to get to know each other, or try something new, without having to worry about your wallet.


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