Finding fun and creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas to express your love is not difficult, but it does require some effort and motivation to leave sameness behind. Although most people probably do not look the gift horse in the mouth, couples could find more creative and thoughtful ways of celebrating the day and making each other feel truly special.

Here are some wonderfully fun ideas for couples to wear their hearts on their sleeves this Valentine’s Day.

Buy the Stars

For a low cost, a star could be named after a loved one. The name and the star would be registered and a certificate along with a constellation chart and photos of the star is mailed out. A personal message, quote or poem can be added to the certificate in honour of the loved one. To make this night even more unforgettable and romantic, couples can plan for a night of star-gazing before presenting the gift.

Express Yourself in Many Colours

Because the heart is the symbol of love, red is commonly regarded as the colour of romance and passion. Romantics looking to try something different could create an assorted bouquet of roses including varying colours and meanings that express the many emotions and connections that lovers have with one another. Pink represents admiration, joyfulness and appreciation. Yellow represents friendship and joy. Orange represents excitement and enthusiasm while lavender represents love at first sight or enchantment. Adding a white rose could mean hopes for new beginnings.

Be Like Aristotle or the Doves and Get “Cooing”

Aristotle once inspired many when he wrote, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” There are countless other eloquent and endearing poems and quotes that can be added to a Valentine’s Day Card. However, nothing is more sentimental than writing something original from the heart. Try a sonnet which traditionally has 14 lines with 10 syllables per line and a rhyming scheme of a b a b, c d c d, e f e f, gg (rhyming schemes vary). The end result is worth the effort, but if sonneteering is too challenging, try a free verse or ABC poem, a rhyme or other.

The poem will help focus on the emotional part of the day, which is really what makes this occasion memorable.

Hire a Serenader

Many men or woman would appreciate this gift of music which is known to have begun during the Middle Ages. The singing telegram could include a valentine balloon, flowers or card. Today’s musicians could accompany a diverse range of musical tastes, so there are many options when selecting the music. Choose an appropriate song for the beloved, or to add a twist to it, many have written their own lyrics to a song and have had the serenader sing it.

Create an Edible Mosaic

Instead of simply buying and presenting in a box that which will tantalize the taste buds, add some creativity and create a fruit and/or chocolate mosaic with a heart shape being the focus. Plan for the edible mosaic to be indulged together. Think of creating shapes of orange (orange or cantaloupe), then yellow (pineapple) then red (strawberries), encircling the chocolate heart. Other ideas are to create the border of the heart with chocolate and fill in the middle with colourful fruit.

Those who are not confident in their artistic culinary abilities could cut the shapes with appropriate paper and lay the paper down on a chosen surface, such as a tray. Then add the fruit and chocolates on the paper to ensure the symmetry and shape of the heart.

Dress Up and Stay In with a Flick

Creating the ambiance of a romantic evening at a five star restaurant, couples can have an equally romantic evening at home. Think candles, dim lights and soft music. Couples can prepare to be part of the night’s visual attraction by dressing in their finest, sexiest or most elegant attire. Do not forget that the dinner is a time for couples to connect or reconnect with each other, so comfortable conversation is just as important as anything else. After dinner, cuddle up with a romantic classic or an adventure romance. Do some research and find a movie that will be mutually enjoyed.

Make a Collage

Making a collage can be fun and exciting and it can encompass pictures, movie tickets, concert tickets, letters and any other mementoes that will help to celebrate a couple’s history together and to reflect on all the fun and wonderful times shared. There are many ways in which to express emotions when creating the arrangement or juxtaposition of the elements. The final product can be fancy or simple.

Variations of this idea include an electronic or digital collage (technical skills are required) as well as a scrapbook or memory box, which does not include the cutting and gluing.

Adding something new that includes the future is equally fun and appropriate. It is great to reflect on and appreciate the past, but it is essential to acknowledge the future that will be shared together, as well.

Give Roses One at a Time

Instead of presenting a loved one with a dozen roses, try having the roses received one by one. One rose could be placed on the bed in the morning or the evening. There may be another in the hallway, on the kitchen table or at work. Plan this according to the individual’s schedule and routine, as each will vary. This unpredictable variation on giving the traditional flowers to loved ones will ensure that the special someone continues to feel that special moment all throughout the day.

Couples that go outside the spectrum of what they normally do with their partner help to keep the energy alive and the relationship interesting. When couple’s know that each is appreciated and loved, this not only adds to each other’s self-worth, but it also ensures that the bond remains strong. Every little gesture can add an abundant amount of energy and positive vibes to a relationship.


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