For everybody for whom a relationship has just ended, no matter who initiated the split, the change to singledom could be a abrupt one. If the end of the relationship is desired, then newly singles usually take it lightly and it is easier for them to move on. On the other hand, if the end of the relationship wasn’t desired, for many people being newly single is tough.

In either case, newly singles shouldn’t give up dating. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit more cautious. Here are some tips for newly singles how to resume dating after separation.

Make Sure the Past is Past

One of the trickiest challenges for a newly single is to forget his or her ex. If a newly single still has feelings about his or her ex, then rushing into a new relationship might not be the wisest move. Instead, wait a bit and heal before moving on.

Beware of Rebound Relationships

One of the reasons why a newly single men or woman should wait before rushing into a new relationship is that when the ex is not forgotten, the risk of a rebound relationship is not to be underestimated. A rebound relationship can be very painful for everybody involved and it is much better not to start it at all.

Know What Type of Relationship to Pursue

Many newly singles are totally unaware of what they want. Most of them want just a relationship. However, relationships come in many flavors – a fling, a committed relationship, or marriage just to name a few. It is best to clarify in advance what type of relationship to pursue because this can affect how to proceed next. For instance, if a newly single decides to try online dating, there are special sites for flings, for people who are looking just for a sex partner, and for daters who are after marriage.

Change the Type of Lover

Very often relationships end because of a trivial mistake – incompatibility. It is true that opposites attract but for stable relationships such drastic differences in behavior, tastes, opinion, etc. are not necessarily good. Still, many people have a pattern – i.e. they fall with the same type of lover – i.e. a macho, a Mamma’s boy, a Daddy’s girl, etc. – and they make the same mistake over and over again. If this is true, it is best to change the type of lover because some types of men and women are simply not suitable for the type of relationship a newly single is after.

Try Online Dating

No matter how many friends and social contacts one has, the pool of potential mates is not endless, not to mention that suitable matches might be missing at all. The trick to finding a better match is to constantly meet new people. One of the ways to do it is with the help of online dating. However, be warned that there are risks, related with online dating and make sure to take the necessary precautions against online dating scammers and fraudsters.

One of the most difficult tasks for a newly single man or a newly single woman is to get ready to date again. When he or she has passed the preparation stage and is ready to date again, he or she will see that in reality dating hasn’t changed that much since the last time he or she was actively dating.


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