Singles can sometimes be their own worst enemy when it comes to their dating life. Many engage in self-sabotage without evening knowing it. Many others over complicate dating to the point where it seems difficult rather than enjoyable. Here are a few of the “dumbest dating mistakes” a single guy or gal can make.

Being Afraid of Online Dating

Internet dating has so many myths attached to it, it’s amazing anyone still tries it. But the truth is, online dating is an amazing resource for single people. Online dating sites are filled with people who simply haven’t met the right person yet.

So rather than get caught up in fears about online dating, single people should embrace it. The medium works as an excellent method of introduction, and remains a popular way for people to connect.

Reading too Much into a Date

Some single people can spend a long time on their own between dates, and many want a relationship so bad that they will try and size up a guy or girl for marriage on the very first date! This is never a good idea. First of all, this type of attitude puts pressure on the couple and doesn’t allow for them to simply go out and have a great time.

Dating should be fun. More than that, however, it takes time to find the right person. Going out with someone once or even twice sometimes is not long enough to determine if they will be good for a long-term relationship. Singles should learn to date casually in order to find the right one for them.

Bringing Unnecessary Baggage into a New Relationship

Everyone has a past filled with disappointment and let downs. The difference between smart singles and the ones who ruin their chances at love is all about attitude. Some single people have a hard time getting over break ups. They spend so much time wondering why something didn’t work out with someone else that they inadvertently fail to get to know the new person they are dating.

Rather than obsessing about the past, singles should accept that if a relationship in the past wasn’t right, then it quite simply was wrong. This attitude can free the nagging questions on why something didn’t work out and allow them instead to focus on the next person in their life. A good rule is to never even bring up a past relationship on the first or second date.

Everyone has good and bad dates. But singles who repeatedly make some of the “dumbest” dating mistakes also tend to get caught up in an endless cycle of rejection without really knowing why. Overcoming these common mistakes can help singles get a handle on the dating mistakes they have made in the past and move on to finding the right person for them.


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