At times, single people might dread Valentine’s Day. The flowers. The candy. Romantic gifts for people in love, are but a constant, sometimes painful, reminder to singles every time they walk into a store at this time of year, particularly those who have recently gone through a breakup and are newly single.

Although many people focus on romantic love for Valentine’s Day, there are many other kinds of love to celebrate, and different ways to make it a special day regardless of current relationship status.

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day When Single

There is no need to stay home and mope for those unhappy about being single on Valentine’s Day. Why not gather up a group of single friends and go out to a nice dinner together? Or for those who live in a cold climate, get out in the fresh air and enjoy a day of ice skating or skiing. Hosting a movie night is also a nice way to enjoy Valentine’s Day, some bonding time with friends and an opportunity to wolf down some yummy treats together can be a good reminder that the love of friends is just as important as having a romantic love interest.

If socializing just doesn’t sound like fun, stay in and enjoy the day solo. Declare a day off from housework and errands, and just relax. Read a good book, take a long bubble bath, cook a decadent meal to enjoy. Allow a day just for remembering how good it can be to have alone time. Self-love is one of the most important kinds of love there is.

Making Valentine’s Day Special for Others

For those who are so inclined, it would likely be very appreciated to try and make Valentine’s Day special for someone else. An offer to babysit a young niece or nephew so the parents can go out for a date evening alone will mean the world to harried parents.

A lonely widow next door might appreciate a gift of flowers or a card to remind her that there is still love in the world and no one is ever truly alone, single or not.

Another way to express love on Valentine’s Day is to spend the day volunteering. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and many other places are always grateful for another pair of hands, and few things will give the sense of satisfaction that a day of hard work in order to help those in need will give.

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s also a wonderful day to show love for family, friends, neighbors, community and self. Spend the day with friends, volunteering, or enjoying time alone, and the day will not be wasted.


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