Finding someone to enjoy a long-term relationship with can be difficult, but the result can be very rewarding. Some women complain that there are no good men left who are single, but it’s not true! The key for women is knowing what they want, and where to look for it.

Things to Do Before Looking for Relationships

Women sometimes get so focused on finding the right man that they forget about themselves. It’s a good idea to be in the right place in life before looking for a mate to share it with. For instance, if still recovering from a previous break-up, don’t try to jump right into another relationship. Allow time to heal and figure out what went wrong in the previous relationship, so the lessons can be better applied to future relationships.

It’s also a good idea for women to get their lives in order before finding someone with whom to settle down. Being comfortable with themselves, happy in their career, and having hobbies and friends will make women more well-rounded and self-confident. This is always good, whether a woman wishes to remain single or find a relationship.

Make a list of desirable qualities in a mate. Often, people tend to date the same type of person over and over, despite the fact that it hasn’t worked in the past. For instance, if several former relationships have ended over frustration that the boyfriend in question didn’t have a job, put employment in a prominent place on the list!

The list should first have the things that are absolute deal breakers for the woman, and then at the bottom, list the things that would be nice, but are more open to interpretation. As an example, musts might include the following:

  1. No drug use, limited drinking
  2. Must want children someday
  3. Have a job
  4. Must have no criminal history

Then, on desirable qualities, the list may include being athletic, close to his family, etc. Individual lists will vary, of course, depending on what each person sees as important.

Where to Find Relationships

The key to finding the right man is to keep an open mind. There’s nothing wrong with set-ups from a sister or girlfriend, and many people have found their spouses on dating websites, such as or

To find men with common interests, be a joiner! For women who enjoy volleyball, see if the local town has a co-ed league to join. Always wanted to learn to cook? Take a cooking class at a local community center. These activities are enjoyable, and it’s possible to find single men with the same interests.

Tips for Dating

So what comes next when the right guy is found? Take it slow! Whirlwind romances are exciting, but don’t allow a couple to really get to know each other before committing. It’s important to spend time together, meet each other’s family and friends, and discuss goals for the future before settling down with someone.

Keep in mind what’s important in a potential spouse, and only get serious with men who have those qualities, while at the same time learning to let go of the little issues and annoyances that can cause arguments.

The most important things when looking for Mr. Right are for a woman to have her own life and priorities straight, and to keep an open mind on ways to meet men. Developing their own life beforehand can help women be more fulfilled in general, and be an asset if looking for a relationship.


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