It’s probably not a surprise that most of the things that drive men crazy come from the mouths of women. Here are the top most annoying, irritating and frustrating phrases that are guaranteed to elicit an upset response from a man. Find out why some phrases set off the anger trigger.

When a Girl Says “You don’t love me.”

There never was a phrase more infuriating to men. This is the classic line women use when they are fishing for reassurance, feeling under-appreciated or just plain upset. Most men know there is nothing they can say or do to counter-act the effect of this phrase, and so it remains a frustrating thorn in their side that produces over-dramatic responses.

Some men tend to associate this phrase with feelings of inadequacy. They think they must not be showing their love well enough. It is not so much a matter of a dissatisfied woman as it is a man who feels he is not successful in his relationship. Image and performance are deeply important to a man. Other men simply hate being manipulated into talking about their feelings. They know what will follow is an emotionally exhaustive argument that will never be resolved. And so when they hear it, alarms start going off in their head.

When a Girl Says “Is she prettier than me?”

For the man who has mastered the art of white lies, there is nothing wrong with this question. It is promptly followed by an emphatic head shake and a phrase along the lines of: “Of course not, you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” and everyone smiles and goes home happy. But for some men, this seemingly innocent question is an inescapable trap.


For the poor soul that dares to express that he finds beauty in anything other than his girlfriend/fiancee/wife, this conversation could last a long time. It will turn into a deep analysis of how her features differ, and how they match up, and what it all means. In a man’s brain, all that is left is confusion and a deep feeling of disruption in the normal order of his thoughts.

He begins to get anxious and scared and tries to defend his initial statements with arguments about finding innate beauty in nature, and the woman gets more and more upset, until it all blows up and reverts back to the first line: “You don’t love me.”

When a Girl Says “I don’t understand why you are friends with that guy.”

In the world of men, nothing is as sacrilegious as insulting his friends. Essentially, he considers them an extension of him. He figures that he has things in common with his friends, that they have built a bond along the years, and that they will always be true to him. This is why, in bars, when one man gets punched, three others go home with bloody noses.

Of course, when his girlfriend or wife says something negative about his friends, a bar fight is not an option. This leaves a man feeling helpless, as he attempts to defend his boon companion with his most ineffective weapon: words. Men are not as good at expressing themselves as women, and they have a lot less practice with it. They find it futile to attempt to defeat a woman in her own territory. And frankly, most women have so perfected the art of arguing that it leaves a man’s head spinning trying to figure out how he could have possibly lost before he ever started speaking.

When a Girl Says “It’s OK. I’m not mad.”

Tone was not one of the communication tools men ever learned to decipher back on the playground. Men do not dig deeper for meaning; they generally take what they hear at face value. The concept of saying the exact opposite thing to what she means does not enter their head. Thus, time and again they are fooled into thinking they are safe to continue along in whatever they were saying or doing before this phrase was said. Men like to hear exactly what women mean. In a short, concise sentence. And then they want to be allowed to forget it.

When a Girl Says “Whatever.”

He’s been on the phone for 3 hours, it’s late at night, and she doesn’t seem to understand that he is tired and wants to go to bed, or take a shower, or just stop having to think and talk for another 3 hours. Phone conversations are painful for men. It is no secret that they are visual beings. They also know that they do not listen well enough to pick up on the subtle nuances of their girlfriend’s mood through a cell-phone mouthpiece.

So after they have spent a heroic period of time talking, explaining, listening and breathing together, it drives him insane to hear his ungrateful better half say “Whatever,” instead of “Good night, most Charming Prince,”. This is one of those words, that even when heard out of context is guaranteed to elicit an eyebrow raise and an instantaneous sour face. They don’t know what it means exactly – who does? – but they know it is absolutely never a good thing.

Any woman in a relationship can testify that men do not like verbal confrontation. Steering clear of these 5 landmine phrases is a safe bet when trying to avoid an argument with a man. From insecurities about love, looks, friends and talking about feelings, men don’t like to be put on the spot – and they like women who put them there even less.


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