Never underestimate the power of spending quality time with the spouse. Be it a new dating couple or a long-term partnership, couples should keep open minds to explore different ways to eat, drink and make merry.

There is a saying that goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” That holds true too when it comes to women. As such, set aside a few times a month to go on informal or formal dates whereby personalised conversations and interaction is allowed to flow freely.

Simple But Fun Couples Activities

The simplest things in life such as talking and laughing together are the things most treasured.

  • Make it a point to hail passers-by with a “good day!” and be rewarded with a smile. Watch the exchange of smiles and see the power brighten up everybody’s day!
  • Play catch and let the thrill of the game enlighten the heart and strengthen the relationship with lots of laughter.
  • Have a game of Jenga where players attempt to remove stacked wooden blocks from a precariously tilting tower! Better still; invite the house pet to join in the fun.

Indulge in Foodie Interests

Simple activities like going out together to grab a bite, sitting down at a cosy cafe some place or preparing grub together at home is a fun learning process. Watch and learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes during these moments together.


  • Make it the afternoon’s mission to go on a leisurely walk to town and share an ice cream or an equally inviting dessert.
  • Go for long walks together through a weekend bazaar and munch on fruits, hotdogs and any other snack that teases the taste buds.
  • Roll pasta dough to make a pasta or pizza dish and have the messiest fun time in the kitchen! Cookie dough is also a great idea to “gum” couples together.
  • Set up a mini grill in the backyard for two and skewer marshmallows, meat balls, hotdogs, et cetera and enjoy the “outback” experience!

It is important to put unlimited time aside for each other several times a month to just have plain old fun together. Couples must not follow any kind of “schedule” or weekly agendas; but should just keep each other company during any free time. Bring back the past with games, snacking, exploring places together and catching up on each other’s news. Try out these few bonding ideas and more options will emerge for future trysts together! Watch as the bond between the couple strengthens and their love for each other be reinforced in no time.

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