Legendary comedian Steve Hardy wrote a book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (Harper Collins), the purpose of which is to help women in the art of seduction. The book became a bestseller in days. It only seems fair that somebody will provide men with the same kind of inside information about what really works for a lady.

The Female Achilles’ Heel

There is no doubt that women are much more complex creatures than men (sorry guys!), however they do have an Achilles’ heel and it’s really funny how few men know about it. As sophisticated as a woman might be, she is almost always overwhelmed by her feelings. A French Philosopher Michelle Montaigne claimed that “when it comes to a woman, every part of her is her heart – even her head.”

That could seem hard to believe for a sane male person whose actions are usually conditioned by logic. However, here is a secret – a woman is a prisoner of her emotions just like a guy is a prisoner of his penis. Furthermore, triggering a woman’s emotions is much easier than it may seem. Here are few simple clues:

  • Active listening! Women like to talk and to be heard, men are mostly lousy listeners. Listen to her, ask questions, be involved (or at least look that way). Even if her speech is not the most captivating, the reward is certainly worth it.
  • Express feelings even if they are not too deep or very true. Most men would rather die by quartering than show emotions. Not very wise. Any self respecting guy will probably respond to this last advice by saying:” It’s unfair and immoral to mention love when it’s not there”. Wrong again. Who says women want to hear the truth? What they really crave is to feel desired and get their ego boosting. So the girl is happy and feels irresistible and a guy sees himself as a winner. Looks like a two-way success.
  • Watch a few movies on Lifetime Movie Network also known as television for women. Seriously – it’s an endless source of information about what women really long for – they do watch it a lot. Why? A question is very simple – through those movies they experience the romance they catastrophically lack in reality. Flowers, poems, candles, gentle long kisses (without grabbing any parts of her body), adoring looks might seem lame to a cool guy, but work like a charm on a date. So being a tough guy or being popular with women – that’s one’s personal choice.
  • When it comes to physical attack – there is one simple golden rule. Less is more. During the first two or three dates touch her hand gently, gaze into her eyes and leave the rest to her imagination. Very few women will appreciate a guy grabbing them by their hair and dragging them to his cave.


  • There is no reason for a guy to worry too much about his looks. Many famous men who were ugly as sin became extremely popular due to their charm. Take Aristotle Onassis for example – in spite of the fact that it is very hard to imagine a man as hopelessly lousy looking as he was, Onassis never the less was famous for his eventful love life.

Women Love Compliments and Flattery

As different as men and women are, there is certainly one strong passion they share – a desire to be admired and appreciated. In other words no human regardless of sex and age is able to effectively resist flattery. A man who is trying to impress a lady should by all means use this powerful weapon.

However, taking into consideration the fact that women are sensitive, men should make their compliments respectful and creative. Here are the examples of topics that must be avoided – mentioning any specific body part that can have anything to do with her erogenous zones (especially those below the belt ) and general descriptions like “good looking” or “attractive” – no self-respecting woman would buy a primitive statement like that.

A true compliment that makes an impression on a woman is a creative and personal one verbalized with emotional intensity. It would be a good choice to mention long gorgeous eyelashes, a mysterious look in her eyes, the most beautiful cascading hair (here the color of the hair should be specified). A deep sincere voice and intense eye contact should not be forgotten.

Does not sound too brilliant? Will work like a charm – not even a smartest woman with a Ph.D. in rocket science will find any flaws in a statement like that. It’s also a good idea to add some mystery – for example a guy can tell a girl that he could not sleep all night because he had this recurring dream about her. She will be intrigued and extremely flattered; plus even the most brilliant woman will never pay attention to the discrepancy between “not being able to sleep” and “dreaming.”

Those who know women’s weaknesses and are willing to ignore their little shortcomings are more than likely to enjoy their amazing merits.


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