St. Patrick’s Day Date Ideas: Have Some Irish Fun March 17th

Who says Valentine’s Day is the most romantic of the year? St. Patrick’s Day is rich with tradition and a sense of lighthearted fun. It’s the perfect day to get to know someone new or just enjoy a cheerful night out with your partner. And don’t worry if you’re not Irish! Everyone can claim a little Irish heritage on March 17th.

If you need some ideas on how to make your celebration a special one, read on.

Pub Crawl



Many cities offer a “bar tour” of sorts, which extends from one end of town to the other. Pub crawls are designed to get you into a number of different bars so you’ll never be bored standing around in one place for very long. Check out the various St. Patty’s Day celebrations at each establishment, and make an effort to strike up a conversation with as many people as you can.

This type of activity usually involves built-in transportation in the form of a bus or limo, so take advantage of it. Arrange for a designated driver or someone who hasn’t imbibed to come pick you and your date up at the end the night.

Traditional Irish Dinner



Not one for the bars? You can enjoy the Irish spirit just as much at home with a traditional Irish meal. Nothing suits St. Patrick’s Day like homemade corned beef and cabbage. It’s tasty and easy to make. If you’re really daring, make a loaf of Irish soda bread to accompany the carrots, celery and potatoes.

Dinner Out at an Irish Pub

Nothing beats a night out with a pint and a great meal, and the best part is, a traditional Irish pub is no longer hard to find. Every major metropolitan area throughout the country now has at least one. Do a quick Internet search to find the restaurant closest to you. A pub is a great way to experience the St. Patrick’s Day vibe without getting caught up in the crowds. Just make sure to go early to avoid the pique celebratory time.

Irish Breakfast

If you’d like to make your date a homemade meal but you aren’t exactly a whiz in the kitchen, try an easy Irish breakfast. Simply fry up some eggs and open a can of corned beef hash. Cook on medium high and add salt and pepper. Serve with toast. For an added touch, get a shamrock cookie cutter to punch out the bread centers.

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

Give your date a token to remember your St. Patrick’s Day date with a thoughtful Irish-inspired gift. Jewelry items, such as cufflinks or a necklace, are always appreciated. Remember to find something with Celtic knotting for a special Irish flare.

If you’re really stumped, just make sure your gift is a bright shade of green and it will still fit in well with the rest of your theme date. Items like horseshoes or bamboo also represent the luck of the Irish, and work well for use as a St. Patrick’s Day present. After all, they help remind your date how lucky he or she is to have you!


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