Valentine’s Day is a holiday that prompts men to shower their wives or girlfriends with the “perfect” gift. However, finding that gift is not always easy. Department stores have an array of bears and candy, floating on a sea of red and pink. They offer red blouses, sparkly make-up, fuzzy slippers and shiny jewelry. But oftentimes these items are not personal enough for a cherished sweetheart. Stray from the norm and check out these five special gifts.

Weekend Getaway to a Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is probably not a man’s idea of a fun getaway, but a woman will enjoy the peace and serenity of relaxing in a quaint house without having to worry about cooking meals. Guys, be warned, this will require some compromise as many bed and breakfasts do not offer television, phones or Internet. It can still be a fun trip though. Explore the town, enjoy a peaceful walk or just relax with the view. Check local bed and breakfasts for Valentine’s Day specials, or for more information.

Spa Package

A spa package is a great gift for a woman because it allows her to relax and recharge. If she’s been really good, spring for her best friend to go along as well. There are many packages available, or services can be purchased a la carte. Facials, massages, manicures and pedicures are popular with the female crowd. Spa Finder is a great place to purchase certificates to local area spas. A certificate will allow her to pick her own services, but it’s often more meaningful for the guy to take the time to choose the services.

Homemade Dinner

If money is a concern on Valentine’s Day, make her a nice dinner and decorate with candles or flowers. Fish is very easy to prepare. For example, tilapia is a tasty fish and can be purchased cheaply at any grocery store. Grab some coconut milk from the Asian foods aisle and some curry as well. Put the fish in a baking pan and pour just enough coconut milk to cover the fish. Sprinkle with curry and salt and bake at 350 until the fish flakes apart, usually around 20-30 minutes. Serve with brown rice and a vegetable.

A crock pot meal is also an easy meal to create. Simply add meat, seasonings and cook! Crock pot dishes and many other easy recipes can be found at All Recipes.

Couples Can Do Something New

There are many things that can be enjoyed together on Valentine’s Day. Ballroom dancing lessons, a couple of hours with a personal trainer or a cooking class can be a fun activity. Often simply doing something different together makes for an interesting holiday.

Other Valentine’s Day Ideas

The sweetest gifts can be those that are the simplest. Cleaning and detailing her car, doing the grocery shopping, or taking care of the kids while she goes to a movie will show love and appreciation. Other things that she might appreciate is a babysitter to watch the kids, making the kid’s lunches for the week or hiring a housekeeper to take care of the house. (Make sure the housekeeper idea won’t be taken the wrong way! It would be a bad idea to insult her homemaking abilities on Valentine’s Day).

The point to Valentine’s Day gift giving is to do something personalized and stay away from things that are contrived and cliché. Mugs, chocolates, candy and body lotions are not unique or personal. Balloons, flowers and lingerie are also overdone and require little thought. Strive to really think of the things she enjoys and build upon her tastes and interests. Good Luck!


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