The economy has hit everyone hard these days, and the dating world is no exception. After all, joining singles group and online dating services costs money. Here are some frugal ways that singles can attract like-minded individuals.

Set Ups from Friends

Many singles have had success in meeting friends of people they already know. While it doesn’t work for everyone, it can provide an easy and cost-effective way to meet someone new. The key to a successful set up is simply having an open mind. Set ups can be a good way to double date and spend time with other couples.


Many social networking sites are free to join, but Facebook has a handy “find friends” tool that helps people hook up with old pals, coworkers, and classmates. Not only is it free, but singles could potentially find a great match. Often finding the right mate is a matter of timing, so if it didn’t work out the first time two people dated, it could be a different set of circumstances the next time they meet.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a great place to meet a blind or online date, but they also offer a chance to view a lot of different people. Singles should grab a book or newspaper and just hang out there some Saturday afternoon and people watch. Often coffee shops get regular customers who stop through for their daily cup of java. Attending regularly could provide a way to meet someone special.


Instead of feeling blue over a lack of funds, singles can turn that into a positive by volunteering. People that are upbeat and roll with the punches in life are naturally attractive to the opposite sex. Someone interested in bettering the world in some way can easily meet another single with the same outlook.

Grocery Shopping

Stocking up on groceries is one thing nearly everyone in the country has to do at some point or other. Even folks who don’t cook regularly have to get supplies for their house. Instead of quickly running into the market, singles should take some time to make sure they look nice. A little sprucing up can go a long way when it comes to bumping into a potential date.

Wearing Interesting Tee Shirts Designed to Spark Conversation

Sometimes it’s easiest to let a potential love interest make the first move. By finding an interesting tee shirt with a controversial, funny, or interesting saying or logo, singles are offering up a chance for someone new to talk to them. Cafe Press is just one site that offers a plethora of tee shirt choices.

Even when money is tight, it’s easy to meet new people. A few creative ideas like those listed above will go a long way in stretching a dollar while still encouraging singles to meet. After all, money can’t buy love!


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