Learning From the Pick Up Artist: What Women Can Learn From Mystery

The Pick Up Artist taught socially awkward guys the tricks of the trade when it came to asking a woman out on a date. Mystery, the show’s self-proclaimed “pick up artist,” gives pointers on things that attract or turn off women. While the lessons on The Pick Up Artist were always directed toward men, there are several things the women of the world can learn from the show as well.

Lesson: All guys get nervous when asking women out.

  • This may come as a surprise to many women. After all, some guys seem to have all the lines down pat when approaching gals. The difference between a confident guy and one that stammers is simply that the confident one has learned to conquer their nerves. They may have some patented openers thought up when approaching women, but ultimately most guys still get a little pang of fear when they’re about to ask for a date.

Lesson: The majority of men really do want to find the right girl.

  • The guys on The Pick Up Artist wanted to learn how to approach women so they could find the right one for them. They weren’t looking to be players. It’s true that men do approach dating differently than women. In general women just want to find a partner while men are happy to enjoy dating different women. They understand that dating is fun! But it’s a myth that men all want to be die-hard bachelors. If they met the right girl, the majority wouldn’t hesitate to get serious.

Lesson: Men have body issues, too.

  • In one episode of The Pick Up Artist, the guys have to throw a pool party attended by many beautiful women in bikinis. The kicker? They each had to wear a Speedo swimsuit while they entertained. Several of the guys balked at this idea, even a few who were in great shape. Ironically, it was the nearly 300-pound contestant who was the most comfortable with himself, thus winning the challenge for that episode. He ignored his size and just had fun.

Lesson: It’s okay for women to ask a guy out.

  • One of the challenges during an episode of The Pick Up Artist was to approach and woman at a coffee shop and ask her out. However, despite their best efforts, only one contestant was able to pull this off. He was the winner of this “challenge” even though he technically didn’t do the asking. While he kept her interested with great conversation skills, it was the woman who simply handed him her number before he left.


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